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West Virginia is one of my favorite spring and fall destinations: the spectacular landscape views from atop Spruce Knob and the Dolly Sods Wilderness Area; abundant wildflowers; vibrant fall colors; dew-covered insects; gorgeous waterfalls and cascading mountain streams; old barns; bright yellow mustard fields; intriguing wetland areas; the colorful forest floor; and more. Here are a few memories of my West Virginia travels.
Allegheny sunriseApproaching stormMisty valleyBlue foothillsAutumn atop Dolly SodsWild and wonderfulAutumn mistFern gullyRadiantCrescent moonAt dawn's early lightPurple dawnEast of Spruce KnobCatching the lightValley dawnRed carpet treatmentMisty mountain mornAutumn sceneHardscrapple lifeMountain ash